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RushPlux DP for BMW S63 (F10 M5 , F12/F13 M6 , F85 X5M/ F86 X6M , G30 550i/G11 750i)

100% 304 Stainless steel

High standard T.I.G. hand welding provides the strongest and
smoothest welds without welding slag.

RushPlux SportCat (50Cpsi)


The 50 Cpsi Collection showcases a single 50 cell catalyst designed to maximize exhaust temperature cooling & More linear power.

Direct response


Track Use only

RushPlux DeCat Rifling

螢幕快照 2019-10-22 下午11.38.06.png

Decat Rifling flow rate is 70% faster than straight pipe, with instant back pressure, no loss of torque

Best Power

RushPlux HybridCat

螢幕快照 2019-10-22 下午11.51.32.png

Best Performance

The Hybrid Cat Collection is the happy medium between the 50 CPSI & Rifling line ups. These downpipes are designed with a 50 cell catalyst in combination with a powerful turbine to produce a double-pressurized effect. What you get is near instantaneous throttle response and more direct torque with a more tamed sound profile than that of the Decat collection. With nearly 70% better flow rate than the next best-leading aftermarket brands, your acceleration will be noticeably smoother.  

RushPlux Downpipe Series, designed with the most advanced catalytic
technology and manufactured with the finest craftmanship. Our lowest 50cell
performance downpipe do not trigger error codes. Without the need to
bypass or delete the error codes, the fuel injection remains precise and accurate.
Thus, resulted in perfect air/fuel mixture ratio, reduced exhaust back pressure
and turbo lag, meanwhile increases throttle response.

Advantages for upgrading to high flow catalytic converter:

  1. Increase engine performance

  2. Reduce turbo back pressure

  3. Reduce turbo lag

  4. Reduce turbo temperature and prolong the lifespan of the turbocharger

  5. Increase exhaust flow and increase exhaust note

No Check Engine Light and comply with environmental regulations depend original factory set

Note: 1-Year Product Warranty only apply if the vehicle is equipped with RP or factory exhaust part.  Please do not install any product not been certified by RP.


F85 X5M / F86 X6M

RP S/N : 

BW-F86X6M-10      SportCat

BW-F86X6M-20      DeCat Rifling

BW-F86X6M-30      HybridCat


  • BMW F85 X5M

  • BMW F86 X6M


F10 M5 / F06 M6

RP S/N : 

BW-F10M5-10      SportCat

BW-F10M5-20      DeCat Rifling

BW-F10M5-30      HybridCat


  • BMW F10 M5

  • BMW F06/F12/F13 M6

G30 550i / G11 750i

RP S/N : 

BW-G11750-10      SportCat

BW-G11750-20      DeCat Rifling

BW-G11750-30      HybridCat


  • BMW G30 550i

  • BMW G11 750i

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