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Best Performance 


Best Performance

We engineered the lowest 50cpsi high flow racing catalyst , high volume precious metal coating.  We precisely calculated the back pressure by measuring the exhaust flow to increase the torque.  By running factory O2 sensor and ECU setting, the air/fuel mixture is precisely calculated for the ultimate ignition efficiency.  Increased engine performance and exhaust noise.  At the same, the efficiency and emission remain factory standard.

The Hybrid Cat Collection is the happy medium between the 50 CPSI & Decat Turbine line ups. 
These downpipes are designed with a 50 cell catalyst in combination with a powerful turbine to produce a double-pressurized effect. What you get is near instantaneous throttle response and more direct torque

with a more tamed sound profile than that of the Decat Turbine collection. With nearly 70% better flow rate than the next best-leading aftermarket brands, your acceleration will be noticeably smoother. 
For those looking to find a balance between the raw power fo the Decat Turbine and the purity of the 50 CPSI, the Hybrid Collection will be the best fit.

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