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RushPlux Downpipe

  • SportCat 50Cpsi / 100 Cpsi

  • Decat Rilfing

  • HybridCat


SportCat 50/100 Cpsi

The 50 Cpsi Collection showcases a single 50 cell catalyst designed to maximize exhaust temperature cooling.It does a much more effective job temperature reduction than the conventional 200 cell catalyst that most aftermarket accessories provide. You will still see an acceleration boost, although not as apparent as that of the Hybrid and Turbine collections. Best suited for drivers who prefer to minimize exhaust smell, but still want a solid performance boost.


Decat Rifling

Decat Rifling has no catalyst and utilizes a smashing line fluid design which increases the exhaust flow rate speed by 140~170% to help dissipate engine exhaust temperature faster than any conventional normal straight pipe.One step on the throttle and you'll instantly feel the unfiltered full potential of your engine and the hear the difference. The only drawback is that the smell of the exhaust will be stronger because it is uncapped.



The Hybrid Cat Collection is the happy medium between the 50 CPSI & Decat Riling line ups. These downpipes are designed with a 50 cell catalyst in combination with a powerful turbine to produce a double-pressurized effect. What you get is near instantaneous throttle response and more direct torquewith a more tamed sound profile than that of the Decat Rifling collection. With nearly 70% better flow rate than the next best-leading aftermarket brands, your acceleration will be noticeably smoother. For those looking to find a balance between the raw power fo the Decat Rifling and the purity of the 50 CPSI, the Hybrid Collection will be the best fit.





RushPlux high-flow catalytic converters are not C.A.R.B. certified and are for Off-Road Use ONLY in the state of California.

No CEL (check engine light) P0420/P0430.

The best flow and catalyst design

RushPlux RP Downpipe Series, designed with the most advanced catalytic
technology and manufactured with the finest craftmanship. Our lowest 50cell
performance downpipe do not trigger error codes. Without the need to
bypass or delete the error codes, the fuel injection remains precise and accurate.
Thus, resulted in perfect air/fuel mixture ratio, reduced exhaust back pressure
and turbo lag, meanwhile increases throttle response.

Advantages for upgrading to high flow catalytic converter:

  1. Increase engine performance

  2. Reduce turbo back pressure

  3. Reduce turbo lag

  4. Reduce turbo temperature and prolong the lifespan of the turbocharger

  5. Increase exhaust flow and increase exhaust note