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RushPlux Downpipe Series, designed with the most advanced catalytic
technology and manufactured with the finest craftmanship. Our lowest 50cell
performance downpipe do not trigger error codes. Without the need to
bypass or delete the error codes, the fuel injection remains precise and accurate.
Thus, resulted in perfect air/fuel mixture ratio, reduced exhaust back pressure
and turbo lag, meanwhile increases throttle response.

Advantages for upgrading to high flow catalytic converter:

  1. Increase engine performance

  2. Reduce turbo back pressure

  3. Reduce turbo lag

  4. Reduce turbo temperature and prolong the lifespan of the turbocharger

  5. Increase exhaust flow and increase exhaust note

Material : SUS304 -  stainless steel

Best Power


RushPlux Series


RP S/N :

BW-M177-10   SportCat

BW-M177-20   Rifling DeCat

BW-M177-30   HybridCat


  • Benz A45

  • Benz CLA45

  • Benz GLA45

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